Friday, February 3, 2012

I was the biggest loser last night!

I'm currently in a weight loss challenge to lose the baby weight I put on, too much because of being on bed rest the last three months of my pregnancy and having to take prednisone in the beginning. Last night I was the biggest loser in the challenge! Yes, I'm really excited to be the biggest loser. This was week 5 of the challenge and the first time I was the biggest loser. It gave me the incentive and push I needed to continue working hard to lose the weight.

I stepped things up a bit with my exercise and started jogging on the treadmill instead of just walking, but then I developed leg pain in my lower right leg. I went to the doctor yesterday and she thinks it could be tendinitis, but she is sending me for an x-ray just to check it out. I now have to find a different type of exercise to do. We are looking into getting an elliptical and getting rid of the treadmill. It will be less stressful on my leg I guess because the elliptical won't have the pounding motion like the treadmill.

We do belong to a gym, but since having Carlos I went a few times and then realized I did not want to put him in the child care because of cold and flu season and he's still so little. I'd hate to see him pick some kind of illness up there. His health is more important than me getting to the gym. I have aerobic tapes I can exercise with and we have some weights here I have been using. Not to mention just running around after my boys is exercise itself. I sure do plenty of that!

In other things, Justin lost his first tooth this week and was so excited. He didn't bring it home from school, though, and when I asked him why he said he left it on the stage in the cafeteria because he did not want to put it in his pocket. The tooth fairy decided to come anyway even though he didn't have a tooth to leave under his pillow. Instead of keeping the money for himself, he put it in the box he had brought home from school to donate for cancer research. He took the box with money he earned and donated it yesterday. I was very proud of him for wanting to donate his own money. At 6 years old, it's sometimes hard to let go of things like money and toys and to understand it's going for a good cause.

Carlos is doing pretty well and has figured out his hand can make it to his mouth and his thumb has found its way in sometimes. His liver issues seemed to have resolved, but now we are dealing with reflux. That's nothing new in this house as Justin and Marcos also had it. The doctor is starting him on Prevacid and we hope it works. He sometimes does not want to eat because of the pain and he definitely needs to eat to catch up growth. The last time we were at the doctor's for his two month check-up, he had gone from 0.18% on the growth chart to 0.2%. I slight improvement and we're hoping it's even better at his four month check-up.

Jason is still working at Target and plans on starting Montgomery College in the fall. He has narrowed down his major to Accounting or Business, both good choices. I have actually finally decided I want to go back to school to get my Master's in Nursing. I have always wanted to go back to school but could never figure out what I wanted to go back to school for. One day it just popped in my head that Nursing would be great. My husband always tells me I would be a great doctor because I diagnose my children before even going in to the doctor, but becoming a doctor would be take too long and be too stressful.

There's really not much new going on with Marcos or Milton. Marcos is still enjoying preschool four days a week and looking forward to Valentine's parties in less than two weeks. I think he's really just looking forward to the candy he thinks he's going to get. Milton has been back to work for about a month since taking two months off to stay home and help me after the c-section. It seems to be going well because I haven't heard him complaining too much about his job.

Well, it feels good to finally get a good post on here. I still have to figure out how to add pictures and post giveaways. I tried posting a giveaway using Rafflecoptor but am not sure I'm doing it correctly. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get a chance. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you guys have a great weekend Karen! That is really sweet that Justin would donate his tooth fairy money. I know that made you proud of him!